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bool PCP::PCPSetToneSq ( const char *  value  ) 

Sets current session CTCSS.

value character string of 01-35 hex
set's the tone squelch for the radio. The default is value 00 for off. The values are NOT the hz, but the pcrdef.h vals, 01=67.0 02=69.3 etc...

The valid for value are hex values from 00 for off through 35

true or false based on PCPCheckResponse success or failure.
See also:
pcrdef.h PCRTSQL

Definition at line 503 of file pcp.cpp.

References PCPCheckResponse(), PCPComm, PCPRadio, PCPTemp, PRadInf::PCPToneSq, and PComm::PCTell().

Referenced by PCPSetToneSq().

#ifdef DEBUG_VER_
      fprintf(stderr, "PCP: PCPSETTONESQ (string) - %s\n", value);
#endif // DEBUG_VER_ 

        memset(PCPTemp, '\0', sizeof(PCPTemp));
      strncpy(PCPTemp, PCRTSQL, sizeof(PCPTemp));
      strncat(PCPTemp, value, sizeof(PCPTemp));
      if (PCPCheckResponse()) {
            return true;

      return false;

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