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const char * PCP::PCPSigStrengthStr (  ) 

Signal strength query. (const char * version).

Querys radio to read the current signal strength.

null on failure, otherwise a character string with the current signal strenth. This includes the I1 header, plus the last two characters which is the hex value from 00-99
See also:
PCPSigStrength PCRQRST pcrdef.h

Definition at line 739 of file pcp.cpp.

References PComm::PCAsk(), PComm::PCHear(), PCPComm, and PCPTemp.

#ifdef DEBUG_VER_
      fprintf(stderr, "PCP: PCPSIGSTRENGTH (string) Called\n");
#endif // DEBUG_VER_ 
      if(PCPComm->PCAsk(PCRQRST)) {
            if(PCPComm->PCHear(PCPTemp)) {
                  return (const char*)PCPTemp;

      return 0;

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