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bool PCP::PCPSetFreq ( pcrfreq_t  freq  ) 

Set the current frequency.

freq passed frequency compliant to pcrfreq_t
check to see if the frequencies are within bounds. populate a string, with correctly padded 0's based on the frequency fed in.

method, PCPSetMode and PCPSetFilter take the following steps copy the header, concat the newly converted/padded frequency, concat mode, concat filter, concat suffix.

send the command to the radio, if it checks out set this as the new frequency

true or false based on success or failure
See also:
pcrdef.h pcrfreq_t PCRFRQ

Definition at line 322 of file pcp.cpp.

References PCPCheckResponse(), PCPComm, PRadInf::PCPFilter, PRadInf::PCPFreq, PRadInf::PCPMode, PCPRadio, PCPTemp, and PComm::PCTell().

    char freqConv[32];
    memset(freqConv, '\0', sizeof(freqConv));

    if ((LOWERFRQ<=freq)&&(freq<=UPPERFRQ)) {
        memset(PCPTemp, '\0', sizeof(PCPTemp));
        sprintf(freqConv, "%0.10lu", freq);
        strcpy(PCPTemp, PCRFRQ);
        strcat(PCPTemp, freqConv);
        strcat(PCPTemp, PCPRadio->PCPMode);
        strcat(PCPTemp, PCPRadio->PCPFilter);
        strcat(PCPTemp, "00");
        if (PCPCheckResponse()) {
#ifdef DEBUG_VER_
          fprintf(stderr, "PCP: PCPSETFREQ - Success\n");
            return true;
#ifdef DEBUG_VER_
      fprintf(stderr, "PCP: PCPSETFREQ - Failed\n");
    return false;

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