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PComm Member List

This is the complete list of members for PComm, including all inherited members.

askBufPComm [private]
askCtrPComm [private]
callBufPComm [private]
callCountPComm [private]
countCall()PComm [private]
errReadPComm [private]
errWritePComm [private]
fdPComm [private]
FDSetPComm [private]
hearBufPComm [private]
hearCtrPComm [private]
int_namePComm [private]
newtioPComm [private]
oldtioPComm [private]
PCAsk(char *)PComm
PCHear(char *)PComm
PComm(char *pcrDev, tcflag_t baudRate=B9600, const char *name=0)PComm
PCOpen(const char *pcrDev=PCRDEV, tcflag_t baudRate=B9600)PComm
PCRawRead(char *)PComm
PCRawWrite(char *)PComm
pcrDevicePComm [private]
pcrSpeedPComm [private]
PCTell(char *)PComm
Read(char *)PComm [private]
readBufPComm [private]
readCtrPComm [private]
resetCall()PComm [private]
retValPComm [private]
tellCtrPComm [private]
timeOutPComm [private]
Write(char *)PComm [private]
writeBufPComm [private]
writeCtrPComm [private]

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