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PComm::Write ( char *  submesg  )  [private]

Internal function to write to the socket.

submesg character string to write out to
sends a command to the radio/socket.

It zero's out the internal class's write buffer, and copies the message passed in called submesg into the write buffer. It appends the special end-of-command marker to the write buffer, and exec's write(). Select() is used to see if we are ready to write to the socket in the FDSet.

what was actually written minus two. Since the minus two is to account for the end-of-command marker. On error we return -2
See also:

Definition at line 370 of file pcomm.cpp.

References fd, FDSet, timeOut, and writeBuf.

Referenced by PCAsk(), and PCTell().

    int __writeCtr;

    bzero(writeBuf, sizeof(writeBuf));
    strcpy(writeBuf, submesg);
    strcat(writeBuf, PCRECMD);

    #ifdef DEBUG_VER_2
    fprintf(stderr, "Write Attempt: %s\n", writeBuf);
    #endif /* DEBUG_VER_ */

    if (select(fd+1, NULL, FDSet, NULL, timeOut)) {
            __writeCtr=write(fd, writeBuf, strlen(writeBuf));
    } else {
#ifdef DEBUG_VER_
          fprintf(stderr, "Write() Time Out on socket %d\n", fd);
#endif // DEBUG_VER_ 

    return (__writeCtr-2);

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