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PComm::PCTell ( char *  mesg  ) 

Issue a command string to the radio.

mesg command string from pcrdef.h.
Sends a command to the radio via the custom made wrapper function Write() . This doesnt really alter the message at all for reading and writing to the radio.

number of bytes actually written gets returned, or (-1) on error.
See also:

Definition at line 194 of file pcomm.cpp.

References Write().

Referenced by PCP::PCPInit(), PCP::PCPPowerDown(), PCP::PCPPowerUp(), PCP::PCPSetAutoGain(), PCP::PCPSetFilter(), PCP::PCPSetFreq(), PCP::PCPSetMode(), PCP::PCPSetNB(), PCP::PCPSetRFAttenuator(), PCP::PCPSetSpeed(), PCP::PCPSetSquelch(), PCP::PCPSetToneSq(), and PCP::PCPSetVolume().

    #ifdef DEBUG_VER_
    fprintf(stderr, "Tell: %s\n", mesg);
    #endif /* DEBUG_VER_ */

    return (Write(mesg));

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