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PRadInf Struct Reference

#include <pcp.h>

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Detailed Description

Holds radio information.

Stores the important radio information for the current state of the radio.

Definition at line 38 of file pcp.h.

Public Attributes

bool PCPAutoGain
 Currenly set autogain.
bool PCPAutoUpdate
 Currently set update mode?
pcrcmd_t PCPFilter [128]
 Currently set radio Filter.
pcrfreq_t PCPFreq
 Currently set frequency.
char PCPInitSpeed [8]
 Currently set speed (char * version, unstable).
pcrcmd_t PCPMode [128]
 Currently set radio Mode.
bool PCPNoiseBlank
 Currently set noiseblanking.
char PCPPort [64]
 Currently active port/device.
bool PCPRFAttenuator
 Currently set RF Attenuation.
tcflag_t PCPSpeed
 Currently set speed (tcflag_t var).
int PCPSquelch
 Currently set squlech.
const char * PCPToneSq
 Currently set CTCSS (const char*, unstable).
float PCPToneSqFloat
 Currently set CTCSS (float).
int PCPVolume
 Currently set volume.

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